Schmölders Brushes

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Round and roller brushes

Round and roller brushes are ideal solutions when it comes to cleaning, polishing, deburring, or carefully treating products in the industry. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.

Ther is a large variety of shapes and colours. They can be flexible, adaptable, moveable, elastic, conductive, and much more!



Strip Brush






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We have an extensive stock of semi-finished products. This allows us to produce a large variety of strip brushes in different shapes and designs within a short time frame.

It is possible to use almost any type of material for the bristle as well as the brush body. Thus, the application possibilities are almost unlimited.

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Brush Plate


A plate brush is any brush type which has a circular plate as the base body. Depending on the type, it falls under the category standard or special plate brush.



Our machine park allows us to produce almost all versions of plate brush bodies.
Schmölders-plate brushes are produced from 20 mm to 600 mm in diameter with most diverse materials.

These brushes are manufactured by us specifically for our customers, and are tailored to their wishes and requirements